Automated Systems
Robots, sensors, and embedded systems hold a special place in my heart. Whether designing, optimizing, or coding, I feel most at home when I am measuring and automating key processes.

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I have hands on experience in the lab, and in the shop. I am no stranger to O-scopes, Function Generators, CNC Mills, and a good old fashion screwdriver.

I have experience with High Voltage equipment as well. One of my larger projects involved delivering over 1kA & 450V in about 1.5 seconds.

While trained in EE software tools by trade, I also have an interest in developing software. Specialties include Python, C, C++, MATLAB, with familiarty in Lua and Java. Most end use applications target Micro-controllers, Machine Vision, and/or Automation scripts.



Printing is a hobby, and more. Finding the correct settings to print a given piece with a specific material is a journey in deductive reasoning.

Longer bridges require a faster move speed and lower temperature. Clean top surfaces require a smaller print thickness. Each piece often requires it's own specialized print settings. Once you find the right setting for the piece, printing a few at a time is the best way to achieve high throughput.

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